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The modern way to
build digital products.

With an agile mindset in place, we aim to deliver the digital solutions that best fit your expectations.
Come with an idea, get an MVP or a fully functional product.

Clients & Partners


We are a full service software company

With an expertise of 10 years in the industry and tens of projects delivered with success, we are the team that you can hire for professional web development.Whether it’s a complex enterprise platform or a responsive web app, or maybe just a presentation website we have delivered consistent experiences to users across all platforms. Our experience goes through areas from e-commerce product, to automation systems and IoT solutions.

Building successful
digital products

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Discovery discussions

The purpose of this initial phase is to help you visualise your idea and create a well defined scope of our work and a well thought action plan to begin with.

Strategy & design

Using industry research, interviews, prototypes in low or high fidelity, will help us visualise the end product with its features and better identify possible business opportunities.

Software development

Within the development process we look for the best software solution, creating a foundation of a fully scalable product, for any changes or requests in the future.

Project management

We put a lot of value on a strong communication within and outside the team. We believe good project management stands on transparency and fulfilled deadlines.

Demo & testing

We ensure that we keep the software runing with well-defined SLAs, as testing is a continous process that we use to warranty a quality output and clean code.

Product delivery

We always work to respect our deadlines, giving our clients no reasons to wonder about progress and realease dates. As a good practice, we share and agree upon estimations right from the begining.

Why should you work with us?

“We know how important it is to kick-start your idea and move fast.
And being successful it's not always about technology. It's about the people you work with as well.”
Nicu Mardari, Co-Founder & CEO

Our development
technology stack

We use the entire range of designing, implementing, testing, integrating, deploying and supporting custom systems and frameworks, always paying attention to the latest industry trends.

Web Development

Javascript: React, Next.js
Javascript: Node, Nest.js, TypeScript

Mobile Development

React Native
Javascript: Node, Nest.js

Cloud Infrastructure

AWS. Azure, Heroku
MySQL, PosgreSQL

OuR trusted partners


Web applications for every stage of growth

We adjust our work to each business & commit to delivering quality code and stable applications.In all our previous collaborations, flexibility has been the fundamental value that helped maintain solid partnerships, achieving the agreed goals and deadlines. In other words, we want to inspire trust and reliability, as every project is the mirror of each of us and our services.
Small & midsize

Custom software development

Our team of software development engineers and product experts are ready to help and guide you along the way, over the full life-cycle of the product.

Custom applications

We build on demand development teams to help you, by carefully understanding your requirements and your vision.

IoT solutions

We develop iOT solutions and connect real world devices to change the way consumers interract with businesses and products.

Industry expertise

We served all core business sectors, from a wide range or industries: Smart Building, e-Learning, Insurance, Media & entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, Travel and Transporation.

Remote teams

We run projects from start to finish with in-house experts. We look to match people with the projects, by assembling teams that are the best fit for your needs.

Case study: Drum Bun mobile app





React-Native, Node JS, Heroku

The product

Our client envision a mobile app that offers its users the possibility to verify and purchase car related services, based on the countries rules and regulations.
Once the user created an account, he would be able to manage multiple vehicles, keep track of all individual services, with alerts management functionality and personal wallet included. Other important features were related to car documents OCR reader and easily purchasing services directly from the app.

Project context

The team allocated for the project had 1 back-end developer, 1 full stack developer, 2 front-end developers, 1 manual tester and a UX designer.

The modules developed were: onboarding screens, car modules, services modules, alert module, OCR service, profile module and payments methods module.

Meet the team

We are a young team that consists of middle and senior software developers. We have managed to build a community based on trust, meritocracy and reciprocity. Because we share the same values and ethical principles, we succeed to fulfill our duties with passion and dedication. In addition to the dose of seriousness required, we often enjoy jovial moments that allow us to get to know each other deeply.

We appreciate each project because it is a chance to learn new skills. We want transparent relationships with our customers, but also long-term cooperation with our partners. We accept and embrace the differences because it gives us new possibilities and taking risks is what makes us not just young and restless, but passionate and striving for success!

Why our clients love
working with us

"7code picked up a complex technical project from another vendor very rapidly and after 1 month already added great value and did a good job."
imageMihai TalpoșFounder of Informal School of IT
“The 7Code team has been a great partner to the Synergo Group. They are knowledgeable, creative and they adapt easily. Highly recommended.”
imageCristian BereșCeo & Founder @ Synergo Group
"7code picked up a complex technical project from another vendor very rapidly and after 1 month already added great value and did a good job."
imageStephen Homan-Berry Co-Founder / CTO at Rumage
”We worked on the responsive part of our GED (Electronic Document Manager) tool with 7code. The project management by Alessandro was perfect from start to finish. All the work was carried out correctly, on time and in full transparency. ”
imageSébastien CronProject Manager @ Numerize
“For more than 1 year since we are working with 7code, they’ve proven themselves to be capable and willing partners for our key projects. We highly appreciate their technical expertise and work ethic.They always have been very responsive to our needs, providing excellent serices at a fair price”
imageErik BarnaCEO @ Life is Hard
”7code has delivered an agile development of two custom products contributing to the safety and management of all vehicle traffic and deliveries during the Expo 2020 held in Dubai. ”
imageBogdan ApostolTech Lead @ G42 Smart Nation
”7code is a fantastic company to work with. Always with enthusiasm, with passion and professionalism. They know what they are doing and provide it with a smile. ”
imageUwe BoehlerCEO @ Cloud of Legacy GmbH

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