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Cloud of Legacy

Case study

Our partner

SmartSpot, based in Cluj-Napoca, offers tailored IT solutions. They have a team of certified experts who can provide ongoing support or take your project from dream to reality. Their services include application support, ops and support, video streaming support, monitoring, devOps and sys admin, and software development.

The Product

  • Cloud of Legacy is a cloud-based web application.
  • Customers designate two responsible persons to inherit the account and its information.
  • Customers can store documents, pictures, videos, and credit cards and the designated persons (legacy contacts) can access the account after the customer's death.
  • Stored data is protected by two authentication factors.
  • A monthly subscription is required to benefit from the services of this cloud.

Project’s time frame


Project context

This web application is an attempt to preserve the beauty of life by storing memories in the virtual space. The intellectual owner of this application wants to be an intermediary between the real world (along with memorable events) and the virtual legacy (left to the chosen ones).

The results

Client's expectations

The customer desired a tailor-made technical solution that would align with their business needs and meet cost and time requirements.

Client's benefits after implementing the project

The company successfully launched a product that allows clients to create a secure digital storage accessible to their loved ones after they pass away.

Our Contribution

  • React.JS
  • Next.JS
  • Keycloak
  • Material-UI
 3 x front-end developers
 1 x Manual Tester
Technical Lead

Developed Modules

  • Subscription
  • Payment
  • Keycloack authentication
  • Creating legacy accounts (Free plan, Premium Legacy and Golden Legacy
  • Implementing reCAPTHA
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Monthly/Yearly Subscription
  • 2 steps authentication
  • Upload/Download files

Client's testimonial

7code is a fantastic company to work with.Always with enthusiasm, with passion and professionalism. They know what they are doing and provide it with a smile.
Uwe BoehlerCEO @ Cloud of Legacy GmbH

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