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Case study

About the client

The client is knowledgeable in the area of delivering packages and wishes to utilize their expertise to create a system that enables individuals to order items from around the globe without being hindered by restrictions imposed by various countries.

The product

  • Cysiam is a web app for creating and managing cyber security reports
  • Consultants can view, create, edit, and download reports with various fields and diagrams
  • The platform has different user types, including Admins, Consultants, QA, and Client Users 

Project’s timeline


The Results

  • The client saved time in various evaluation phases with the new automated process.
  • The digital process improved documentation tracking.
  • CYSIAM helped the client convert a multi-stakeholder Excel workflow into an automated digital process.

Our Contribution

  • React.JS
  • Next.JS
  • Azure
  • Nest.JS
 2 x full stack developers
 1 x architect
 Project Manager
 1 x QA

Developed Modules

  • Azure B2C active directory
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Communication Service
  • User Module
  • Clients Module
  • Stats Module
  • Questionnaire Module
  • Reports Module
  • Settings Module
  • Documents Module

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