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Drum Bun

Case study

The product

The core functionality of the app allows users to both VERIFY the authenticity of a car and PURCHASE it, as well as avail themselves of various car-related services.

Upon downloading the app, users can immediately access several features without having to register:
  • Confirm the presence of an RCA associated with a specific plate number.
  • Check for a Vignette linked to a particular plate number.
  • Ascertain the existence or validity of the ITP for a given plate number.
Should users wish to perform additional tasks beyond these initial verifications, they will be directed to the Sign Up screen to create an account.

Main features of the App:

  • Verify the existence and check the validity of the main Car Services: ITP, RCA and VIGNETTE
  • Save your car’s profile along with the necessary documents
  • Setup and maintain a list of alert to notify you for any service that is close to expiration
  • Save multiple cars in the app
  • Purchase any of the mentioned services for a car
  • Get custom notifications
  • Save personal car related documents inside the ap
  • View and keep a purchase history of car related services

The context

Our application is designed to manage car documents by monitoring their expiration dates, securely storing them, and facilitating the purchase of related car services.

The challenges included:
  • Establishing a robust foundational platform for the application.
  • Efficiently processing and managing data using OCR technology.
  • Designing a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX.
  • Streamlining data input with auto-complete features, minimizing manual entry.
  • Alerting users when certain services expire or become invalid.
  • Facilitating swift and efficient service purchases and their subsequent storage.

The result

Our team created a car management app for users to verify and purchase car services. With instant verification features and a user-friendly interface, users can streamline document management and service purchases. Our collaborative team of developers and testers contributed to this efficient solution.

Our Contribution

  • React Native
  • Heroku
  • Node.JS
 2 x Front-End Developers
 2 x Back-End developers
1 x Manual Tester

Developed Modules

  • Walkthrough Screens
  • Unauthenticated
  • Car Module
  • Services Module
  • Alert Module
  • OCR Module
  • Profile Module
  • Payment Methods Module

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