Case study

Our Client

Enoki is the first collaborative cloud desktop for faster iteration, seamless code review, and improved communication. Access dedicated workspaces, connect to your existing development environment, and securely share your work instantly, all from your browser.

The product

Enoki is a multiplayer Linux desktop for seamless code collaboration, with real-time version control and an intuitive interface. Build exceptional software effortlessly.

Project context and the challenges

The client aims to assist developers in debugging the client started the collaboration with us right after becoming an Antler funded startup. We guided them during the entire technical journey.
Their objective is to assist developer teams in:
Boosting productivity
Accelerating processes like Code Review, PR Testing, and pair programming
Instantly setting up a virtual machine to run projects
Establishing a collaborative environment for seamless teamwork

Through our involvement in the project, the client successfully launched the product: enoki.so and app.enoki.so

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