Electronic Seal and Tracking System (ESTS), G42 online platform

Case study
artificial intelligence

Our Client

Based in Abu Dhabi, Group 42 (G42) is a leading Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing company dedicated to the development and implementation of holistic and scalable technology solutions.

The product

We developed an online platform through which our client would manage the tracking system for all vehicles which take part at different exhibitions, with less involvment on human side. The application organizes and automates an important section of the event, allowing real-time access to detailed information about the devices connected on each vehicle.

Project context and the challenges

The devices used for vehicle have their own application for mentioning events, so our team started developing a new web application.
The work started with 1 back-end developer, 2 full-stack developers, 2 front-end developer, 1 manual tester and a bunch of new modules to be developed.

The challenge was to make sure we created a stable base application, through which you could receive and manage data efficiently and quickly. The UX needed to be simple and easy to use, while making sure to parse the buffer accurately by taking into account all conditions and determining the correct coordinates received from the device.

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