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Electronic Seal and Tracking System

Case study

About the client

Group 42 (G42), a UAE-based company established in 2018, specializes in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Their focus areas include AI development in the government sector, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, aviation, and hospitality industries.

The product

  • ESTS: Online platform for the Smart Buildings industry
  • Manages vehicle tracking systems for exhibitions
  • Automates and organizes events with minimal human intervention
  • Enhances security with vehicle route, speed, and loitering data
  • Enables real-time control of vehicle details, events, and alerts

Main user of the Product:
EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE

Expo 2020 Dubai presents the latest tech inventions and aims to guide a greener future through collective action on global challenges. With 200+ partners and millions of visitors, it fosters a global community for solutions and meaningful discussions.

The results

Client's expectations:

The objective is to create a functional product that aligns with the given specifications and provide support for the project's maintenance while it is in production.

Client's benefits after implementing the project:

Through the assistance of the project the Expo 2020 event's security and access were monitored and managed more effectively by the company

Project’s time frame


Our Contribution

  • React.JS
  • Node.JS
  • Material-UI
 2 x Front-End Developers
 2 x Back-End developers
1 x Manual Tester

Developed Modules

  • Device TCP server
  • Updating device status with real time data and backlog data from TCP server
  • Handling device alerts
  • Create custom trip events (overspeeding, loitering, exit/enter geofence, etc)
  • Geofences CRUD
  • Applying rules on geofences
  • Real time map
  • Dashboard map
  • Trip playback
  • Bind/unbind device to vehicle
  • Device remote unlock
  • Procedures for EXPO 2020

Client's testimonial

7code has delivered an agile development of two custom products contributing to the safety and management of vehicle traffic and deliveries during the EXPO 2020 held in Dubai.
Bogdan ApostolTech Lead @ G42 Smart Nation

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