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Case study
Document Management System

About the client

imageNUMERIZE, a simplified joint-stock company, has been offering digitization and electronic document archiving services for over 13 years. Specializing in historic preservation, they provide customized solutions for digitization, EDM, and archiving, assisting with dematerialization procedures since 2008.

The Product

The company offers digital services through a product that includes a nomenclature of documents and invoices.
The product supports digital signatures (implemented by us) and allows multiple users to access existing invoices.
Subscription plans are available for purchase, with options for the number of users, allocated space, and file type.
An OCR system is used to train invoices, extract their data, categorize them by sector, and archive them accordingly.

The Main users of the Product

More than 6,000 customers trust Numerize with their documents and the confidentiality of their data.
  • Enterprises
  • Administrations
  • Hospitals
  • S/M/L companies

The biggest challenge


  • Challenges included creating digital signatures, labeling documents for customer signatures, and sending invoices via email.
  • The system needed to support multiple signatories, integrate Stripe and 3D secure, and offer bank transfer payment.
  • Customizable subscriptions, user management, and project completion within the timeline and budget were also crucial.

Our Contribution

  • React.js
  • Material-UI
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • AWS
 2 x full stack developers
 1 x architect
 Project Manager
 1 x QA

Developed Modules

  • Subscription
  • Payment
  • Digital sign: YouSign
  • Company accounts
  • Individual accounts
  • Trial account
  • Upgrade and downgrade subscription
  • Create monthly subscription
  • Create annual subscriptions
  • Stripe payment: 3D secure

Client's testimonial

"We worked on the responsive part of our GED (Electronic Document Manager) tool with 7code. The project management by Alessandro was perfect from start to finish. All the work was carried our correctly, on time and in full transparency. "
Sebastie CronProject Manager @ Numerize

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