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Case study

About the client

Rumage helps you find the best second-hand items while reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment. Our founders created Rumage to address the environmental costs of fast fashion and resource extraction, making second-hand a viable and preferred choice for conscientious consumers.

The product

  • Rumage uses clever technology to provide a simple search experience.
  • When a user inputs a search, Rumage looks into inventory and partner websites.
  • Rumage brings in results from all second-hand markets in one place.
  • Results can be filtered by price, proximity, and other factors.
  • Users can easily click on a result to learn more and take action.

The results

Client's expectations:

While the customer had initially requested maintenance work, our team identified areas for potential improvement within the inherited solution. As a result, we shifted the nature of our collaboration from maintenance to continuous development, in order to fully capitalize on these opportunities.

Client's benefits after implementing the project:
  • A 15% improvement in their main KPI
  • Gained better traction with their users

Our Contribution

  • React.JS
  • AWS
  • Serveless
 1 x Front-End developers
 1 x Cloud Architect 
 Project Manager

Developed Modules

  • Client Module
  • Artificial intelligence that categorise second- hand items
  • Client interface
  • Marketplace integration
  • AWS Architecture

Client's testimonial

7code delivered the project on time, and the client experienced partner growth, onboarding metrics, and retention rates. They communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their understanding of the client's system was a hallmark of their work.
Jo SpoltonFounder @ Rumage

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